PTE Academic Reading: MCQ – Choose Single Answer Practice Test 11

Multiple-choice Choose Single Answer -Practice questions as per PTE Academic Exam. Read the paragraph and choose the correct answer. Only 1 response is correct.


1. Read the passage and answer the following question.

Steamships were first introduced into the United States in 1807, and John Molson built the first steamship in Canada (then called British North America) in 1809. By the 1830’s dozens of steam vessels were in use in Canada. They offered the traveler reliable transportation in comfortable facilities-a welcome alternative to stagecoach travel, which at the best of times could only be described as wretched.

This commitment to dependable river transport became entrenched with the investment of millions of dollars for the improvement of waterways which included the construction of canals and lock systems. The Lachine and Welland canals, two of the most important systems were opened in 1825 and 1829, respectively.

By the time that Upper and Lower Canada were united into the Province of Canada in 1841. The public debt for canals was more than one hundred dollars per capita. But it may not seem such a great amount if we consider that improvements allowed steamboats to remain practical for most commercial transport in Canada until the mid– nineteenth century.

Ques 1. Which of the following most accurately main purpose of the passage?

[A]. To contrast travel by steamship and stagecoach
[B]. To criticize the level of public debt in nineteenth – century Canada –
[C]. To describe the introduction of steamships in Canada
[D]. To show how Canada surpassed the United States in transportation improvements.

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2. Read the passage and answer the following question.

The late 1980’s found the landscape of popular music in America dominated by a distinctive style of rock and roll known as Glam Rock or Hair Metal—so called because of the over-styled hair, makeup, and wardrobe worn by the genre’s ostentatious rockers. Bands like Poison, White Snake, and Motley Crue popularized glam rock with their power ballads and flashy style, but the product had worn thin by the early 1990’s. The mainstream public, tired of an act they perceived as symbolic of the superficial 1980’s, was ready for something with a bit of substance.

Ques 2. The author’s description of glam rockers indicates that they

[A]. cared more about the quality of their music than money.
[B]. were mainly style over substance.
[C]. were unassuming and humble.
[D]. were songwriters first, and performers second.

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PTE Academic Reading: MCQ – Choose Single Answer Practice Test 11
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